46, Houston

"No other product has been as effective in dealing with erectile dysfunction for me. I have nothing to complain about Provigrax since it offered me the perfect ED treatment that works fast and safe and also comes... "

35, Toronto

"When I asked some of my friends if they knew a cheaper alternative to Viagra, one of them suggested I try Provigrax. At first I ordered just a month´s supply so I could test it. I am pleased to report that ..."

Why we are #1

Provigrax is without question one of the most successful erectile dysfunction pill available on today's market. All the time and effort that has been invested in developing this revolutionary formula has made Provigrax a best seller. Experts and customers agree that our product easily outperforms conventional treat ED medication in both efficiency and satisfaction.

Our team of experts developed the Provigrax formula from scratch. They first analyzed the causes of erectile dysfunction and then they tryed to identify the most potent ingredients that could fight this very common male problem. We wanted to make sure that Provigrax could be used by everyone suffering from impotence, so we sought to make it effective even when combined with other medication that you might be taking.

When we considered all our findings regarding erectile dysfunction, we saw that the ideal solution would have to be based entirely on natural ingredients so that side effects could be avoided. After applying all that we had learned, we came up with an instant success: Provigrax.

Dr. Drew Roberts talking about Provigrax:
"I was part of the initial team of doctors that was approached by the creators of Provigrax for conducting efficiency and safety tests on their new product. I was a little reluctant at first because I didn't believe that a natural product could be as potent as the manufacturers claimed. However, my doubts were blown away after a series of preliminary tests showed an almost 97% success rate and no side effects. Further investigation completely transformed my conception about ED medication. I recommend Provigrax to all my patients and the results have always been positive."

Provigrax is a unique formula

Provigrax is a ground-breaking formula against erectile dysfunction. No other male enhancement pill even comes close to its efficiency because we use only premium ingredients and state of the art manufacturing methods that guarantee the best results and total customer safety.

Being an all natural formula, Provigrax is also cheaper to produce than prescription pills like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Synthetic products generally come with a range of harmful side effects that are very unpleasant and even hazardous for your system. Provigrax is more easily absorbed by your body and will not harm your health!

Here are the ingredients that make Provigrax so successful:

  • Niacin (also known as vitamin B3) does wonders for your energy levels and will also have great effect on your blood vessels (they will become more flexible, thus allowing them to expand more). Your erection will reach maximum anatomical size and it will stay strong when you are sexually aroused.

  • Vitamin B6 focuses on the blood vessels. Because with age, the blood gets thicker, your blood vessels in your penis need to expand in order to accommodate a larger quantity of blood.

  • L-Arginine brings a high level of nitric oxide, a crucial element for allowing blood vessels to expand.

  • L-Phenylalanine is an amino acid that helps you achieve a good mood.

  • Epimedium (also known as Horny Goat Weed) is a plant that has been known in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It increases libido and helps deal with erectile dysfunction. It can also be found as an individual product.

  • Maca is a plant rich in nutrients. It contains: 60% carbohydrates, 10% protein and 8.5% dietary fiber. It is also a good source for minerals such as selenium, calcium, magnesium and iron.

"Because I was under a huge amount of stress at work, my sexual performance had started to decline. My wife was very supportive and even bought me a pack of Provigrax so I could get over this embarrassing issue. At first I was reluctant to try it, but as my condition didn't improve, I decided to give it a go. I have never felt more satisfied during sex before and it is all thanks to Provigrax. I recommend it to everyone."
Michael, 34, Washington


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