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"No other product has been as effective in dealing with erectile dysfunction for me. I have nothing to complain about Provigrax since it offered me the perfect ED treatment that works fast and safe and also comes... "

35, Toronto

"When I asked some of my friends if they knew a cheaper alternative to Viagra, one of them suggested I try Provigrax. At first I ordered just a month´s supply so I could test it. I am pleased to report that ..."

Frequently asked questions

Does Provigrax have any side effects?
Provigrax has no known side effects. Extensive testing has been performed on the Provigrax formula so as to guarantee that there are absolutely no unpleasant side effects that could ruin your sexual experience. Provigrax entirely compatible with your medication, but you should check with your doctor if you have concerns.

What can Provigrax do for me?
Provigrax will help you achieve rock hard erections and impressive stamina during sexual activity. It will also add to your all around sexual performance.

How is Provigrax made?
Provigrax is manufactured in state of the art facilities that meet even the most demanding standards in hygiene. Our staff consists of highly trained pharmaceutical engineers who oversee every step of the production process to ensure the highest quality products.

Can I take Provigrax with alcohol?
Provigrax is effective even when you consume moderate amounts of alcohol. However you should drink within normal limits if you wish to experience the best results.

How does Provigrax compare to other products available on the market?
Provigrax is undeniably a premium male enhancement formula because of its great efficiency and lack of side effects. To get a better understanding of how Provigrax compares to prescription pills like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, take a look at our Homepage and see why our product is the most successful stop impotence medicine.

What does Provigrax contain?
For a detailed look at the Provigrax formula, read the Why we are #1 page.

What is the correct dosage?
The recommended dose is two pills taken 20 minutes before sex with a glass of warm water, in order to ensure a rapid assimilation of the active ingredients.

Is there any guarantee?
Provigrax comes with a money refund policy that allows you to try our product without the risk of losing your investment. To find out more, go to our Refund Policy page.

Do you ship overseas?
We operate warehouse on every continent so that Provigrax can be ordered from all over the world.


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